Every Beginning Is Hard

Let us start with that first “what is this blog about” post. Shall we?
I was a nice guy. I loved being romantic, came from patriotic family where “man is a sole provider and needs to take care of everybody” and had more money then average teenager should have. Let me just say that I bought Channel no. 5 to one of my “relationships”. I didn’t know better. I was telling myself “If I give her all attention and gifts, she is going to appreciate me.”
Almost a year ago I was in a very bad “relationship” after being stuck in a four year long terrible relationship that took me another four years to get over. Some readers familiar with the terminology would call me omega, and would probably be right. I was the nicest guy there was. I was also a straight A student, had a job, looked decently, shy but fun when you got to know me. Everything a girl would want. Right?
What a sucker I was. Luckily there is God, or karma or greater power or whatever you want to call him (or it?). One of those relationships introduced me to a book called “The Game” but told me that I was to nice for something like that and I didn’t need that. I needed it desperately. Crucial moment I realized it was my personification with fear when I noticed some girls looking at me at a festival I was attending with friends. I decided to change my life and work “on that area I am still missing out”.

You can find about a million blogs writing about the Game, manosphere, social dynamics, Venusian arts… I still haven’t found any that is written by someone who is still struggling with this. I still haven’t found one that is not written by a guru of some sorts (there are a lot of very good guys out there who have a lot to teach and I appreciate their work). Well, I want this blog to be that one. Starting from first steps and going on. We will see.



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