Many will say that once you take the red pill, you have to start hating women. This is not true, at least for the most of us.
Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to take the pill and put an effort that changing your life requires. Also, after realizing and acknowledging the truth, there is a period of frustration. Suddenly, all things you believed, happened to be false. Your world turned around overnight. Again, person who is not strong enough to start life changing process, will take the easy way and became a hater.
Those who start working on themselves will realize one inalienable truth:

Women are not as precious and rare every man thinks they are.

Especially when you see how efficiently routines and materials work. Women will stop to be a mysterious object of desire that is out of your reach.
You will also feel a certain sadness towards women. Their only power is sexual, which has a limited lifespan (their biological clock tends to clock out sooner than ours). Also, they lose most of or all of their power once they give it to a man (or man has taken the pill). They are also attracted to jerks, who abuse them and they tend to rationale it. They are so insecure and lost in the world without someone to guide them, and they are programmed to like it.

One large consequence of the Game is that you stop appreciating women as you used to when you didn’t understand them. You tend to put them at their place and not take them as seriously as you used to. It is similar as when you start with a new hobby. You are so eager to try everything and now. As time passes, novelty factor (or lack of it) takes over and hobby is not as exciting as it used to be.

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You have decided to change and work on yourself.


But there will be consequences. People you hang out (aka friends) will see you change. They will not be used to new you (or for time being changing you). It will be strange. People tend to resist changes. So will you friends. They will tell you that you have changed and they don’t like it. You will suddenly be interested in different things. Things they have no interest of. Things you were not interested in (so much) before the change (music, clothes, psychology, partying, girls,…). Some friendships will suffer. You can try to work them out but don’t let it stop you.

That is the consequence of change.

But those closest to you will understand and will support you. That is why they are your best friends and family. Listen what they have to say. Ignore those who resist the change. Change is outside your comfort zone.