How Game Becomes An Upward Spiral

It has been a while since my last post. I had some health issues but they are being taken care of.

Just a quick “motivational post” about what happens when you reach a certain (rookie) level of the Game. I would say I am pretty good at being cocky and funny and it became my modus operandi for social occasions.
Before I went to vacation, I was pinged by one of my oneits with usual “Haven’t heard anything from you in a while. Would you like to garb a cup of coffee?”. I said no problem, since I have resolved any issues I had. During the whole encounter I was interesting as I always am (cocky & funny). Soon we were tackling the topic of going out and dating. We were commenting all bad openers guys here use (most of them have no Game at all) and what they should have done. Also we were discussing what, how and why women want when going out (hint: not drinks, just interesting stories). Idea behind this discussion of ours was to subtle tell her “I get it now”. And it worked. She has good Game. She used multiple False Time Constraints (FTA) but those were just a shit tests. She could not have enough of me and leave. Eventually her phone rang and I, realizing she has to go, chased her away. Next week while I was at vacation, she was coming to the city I was just leaving inviting me to go with her and her girls out. I said no (not part of my plans). Next day she invited me to the nearby island which was halfway from my new location and where she was. I denied that invitation as well. We were supposed to go out last night bowling but because I am having mentioned health issues I couldn’t. But I invited them all to come for a drink after the game. I also invited some other friends earlier to keep me company. When they came, my apartment was already full of people (DHV, btw). And they were surprised (“Are you having a party?”). There was one girl that sat next to me and started questioning me about my apartment, my job my life and everything. I talked to her a bit, talked to others while ignoring her and never missed an opportunity to bust her balls. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. She had good vibe and was getting into me but since it was the middle of the week they had to leave. We spent another half an hour “leaving” and cracking jokes in the hall. It was fun and she is into me and I plan to continue where we stopped. Since I can’t get out to meet new people, it is nice when they come to you.

What is the moral of this story?
If you are considered a cool guy, people will come to you. And it gets that much easier. Game will reward you for your effort and it is upwards spiral from there on. Things just get better and better as well as you do. It is worth every second, every frustration, every rejection.

Game is *NOT* only about picking girls. It is about becoming a better man.