My Place

So, you will be having a girl at your place. Be prepared and make your life easier. Here are few tips:

Have a clean place
No dirty dishes or clothes laying around. Toilet is cleaned and nothing stinks. Your place reflects yourself (as does hers). If you are treating your body like a temple (which you are), so should your place.

Have an interesting place
I have a shelf dedicated to memorabilia from parts of my life. This was not put up for the sake of Game, but I like having memories with me. But it has helped on number of occasions (DHV).
I also have a bookshelf with various books (from grammars and management literature to light reading fiction).
I have a kinect. motion controlled games are excellent source of fun and help with kino escalation.
Under my coffee table I have magazines like “Men’s health”.
Head Massager is cool and cheap.
Picture Barney’s apartment from How I Met Your Mother. He has a stormtrooper (bit geeky, but unusual) and Katana (porn collection is a bit too much) as DHV items. Not to mention that the rest of apartment looks cool and meanly.

Romantic stuff (sex facilitators)
Candles – I love candles and it sets such a romantic mood
LED furniture – modern candles. Turn lights off, LEDs on, throw couple of candles. Cool meets romantic.
Music – there needs to be a background music for the mood. It doesn’t matter which (I have banged a chick with Game of Thrones running in the background)
Scents – Attack all senses. have your place smell nice.
Always have a bottle of wine – Chick love wine. Also, have some girly drinks on stand by (for those who don’t). If she is into beer, reconsider the bang, seriously.

Is there something else you are using? I would like to her it.