Game Types

There are many Game types and subtypes but roughly Game types are:
• Day Game and Night Game
• Indirect and Direct Game

Day and Night Game
As you probably suspect, this is the way the Game is played depending on the time of day (and venue). 90% of all materials you are going to read and study on the Internet deals with what to do in bars, clubs and during night. These are Night Game materials and techniques. Day Game deals with approaches during a day, in everyday situations, like coffee shops, super markets, street, gym…

The difference between the Games is the pace.
During night, at clubs and bars, girls are expected to be approached, flirted with and picked up. Main strategy of the Night Game is to differentiate yourself from the dozens of guys who are doing the same thing (usually nothing and if something, needy and wrong). David DeAngelo said that “night clubs are a virtual reality”. Social dynamics in clubs are not real, everyday dynamics. They are much faster and aggressive, it is normal to meet strangers, talks to them, dance with, kiss them, and SNL. Thus Night Game has a much faster pace.

Day Game is meeting women during the day, while they are living their “normal”, boring, everyday lives. Things that are normal during night are not so common during day. Women are not expected to be flirted with or picked up during the day. Venue for the Day Game is everything, from streets to malls, from buses to libraries, virtually any social event (except clubs, when you are “going out”). Using same approach that is normal during the night might be (and usually is) devastating during the day (nags for example).

When there is a difference in gaming style that is considering in showing your intentions, there is Direct and Indirect Game.
Direct Game explicitly sends a sexual message and telegraphs interest in the girl. Direct openers range from simple “Hi!” to “You look sexy”. Direct Game is much more charged with energy and much faster paced than Indirect. Indirect Game relies on not showing interest until a girl shows interest first (but you are interesting and attractive). To use these descriptions, in Indirect Game you are trying to sell yourself and convince her that she needs you, in Direct you are the one making a choice. Direct Game is thus more suited for Night Game and Indirect for Day Game and other social occasions. Currently, there is an upcoming trend that is a mixture of both.

I suppose you are thinking “Which one is better?”. Each type has its ups and downs, place and time. Direct game is faster and produces results faster, but it burns the sets faster (you will open more sets, but most of them will end up rejecting you, especially if you don’t calibrate well). With Indirect you will have to invest much more time, which, if miscalculated and you get rejected, will end up wasted. Direct plays more a numbers game then Indirect. Indirect is slower and considered easier and more suitable for beginners. Direct leaves less room for error, requires tighter Game and more experience (more confidence).

Night Game is more usual one since it is an expected place for the pickup. Both Direct and Indirect can be played during the night, although I would give advantage to the Direct because of time constraints and since it is more physical (more kino), it is better suited for the clubs (which are loud and suitable for dancing). Indirect is much more based on talking, thus more subtle for the day and social gatherings (exception is bars).

So, which Game is better? That depends on your personality type. I personally don’t like or have time to go out to clubs every week but meet new people all the time. This is why Day Indirect Game suits me more. This doesn’t mean I don’t game during the night. Most of the principals are the same for all types, there is only a matter of pacing and calibration. When there is a difference, I will note it, but generally, I will be talking about Day Indirect Game.

Another point I want to address is the quality of women you meet during day and night. During night, quality is not as high (in terms of LTR possibilities) but things escalate much faster. During day, it is the opposite. I have hooked up with models during the night, but couldn’t date them or consider them more then nice accessory. During day I picked PhD or MBA chicks, but things took ages to escalate. Currently I am mixing with 70% Day and 30% Night Game (just because of the logistics and time constraints mentioned before).

Recommended reading is:
Bang (by Roosh) for night game
Day Bang (by Roosh) for indirect day game
Daygame Nitro (by Krauser) for direct day game (advanced stuff)