Feminism And Manosphere

Feminism is an extremely popular topic within today’s manosphere’s more experienced bloggers. I understand feminism is ruining today’s women by giving them delusions that everyone is equal. Well, as communism was wrong by promoting equality, so is feminism. We are not equal. Not as individuals, not as sexes. Both sexes have their strong and weak points. I don’t think women are weaker or lesser sex, just that both sexes are more suitable at certain tasks. Both men and women have their roles to fill and are equally important to achieve a healthy family and life. We are like yin and yang, fulfilling each other. I’ve been watching documentaries about Amish and I’m pleasantly surprised how each and every one in their culture has its place. And how man’s and woman’s roles are defined and everyone understands their importance. Maybe our “advanced” culture can learn something from them.

Problem with today’s women could be summarized as “grass is always greener on the other side” meaning “men are doing all cool stuff”. They underestimate their importance. Women are said to hold three corners of a household. But taking care of their family is not cool, right? So they embark to try “the cool stuff”. In order for women to succeed in a “man’s” world, they need to adopt man’s skill set thus making them more like men and less like women. Women today are less and less feminine, they have lost basic family values and virtues (such as being family oriented). They have lost basic feminine skills like taking care of their loved ones like cooking. I know how to cook and I don’t need anyone to do it for me. But as a stereotypical women’s skill, cooking is essential knowledge women needs to have if she wants to please her man (and she does). And it is becoming a rarity. On the other hand men are getting less and less masculine.

And what does this has to do with manosphere?
There is a trend within the manosphere that almost every more experienced member of the community is rambling about feminism. I understand this is a hot topic, and you have probably said everything you had to say about basics. But, we, younger guys are getting more value from a post about latest notch or something new you have tried than how feminism is ruining the world. Also, more and more new bloggers (forum posters) are getting sucked into the subject just because it’s popular. Guys, yes, feminism is hurting but concentrate on basics and share your experience (thanks to those who do).
Only way you can fight feminism is to show young guys how to become men.

Men Are Getting Weak

Last week I was hanging with some of my female friends. Whatever some of the bloggers in the Sphere tell you, never burn your bridges. This is the number one rule of networking. Don’t burn bridges, just don’t invest too much time. One of those two was recently married and the other is in a LTR of six years. Both know about the Game (one of them actually introduced me to the concept). While girls were chatting about some girly stuff, I spent time with their guys. Somehow, we came to the topic of relationships. And those two guys started joking how their women are making all decisions. “My girl gives me the RC and asks me what I want to watch. I know this is just a token question since we end up watching something she wants.” Other guy said “Wen we go to the cinema, she always chooses the movie we are going to watch”. Then one of the girls interrupted “Honey, it is not true you don’t have a choice. You can pick the cinema we are going to.” All four started laughing. I felt disgusted. They continued on and it was clear my friends were those in control of their men. Since then I started noticing a growing trend where guys are behaving like whining pussies. I thought this was only happening in western countries where feminism is strong like States or UK, but not here in Croatia. I didn’t know our men are pussy wiped that much.

Who is wearing pants in this relationship?

Who is wearing pants in this relationship?

Then I wrote last night a story of my friend who has a similar problem. I feel sad for him when the solution for his problems is only to hold his frame and not take her shit. This is a big “only” I have been fighting him with. But I feel I am loosing the battle. Some guys just can’t be helped. It is sad when guys choose women over friends and family. I only hope one day he will realize the truth.
Today I was reading some blogs and I came to this article. I was shocked again. Igniss, a Croatian Game blogger, did a nice comparison and why more and more men are choosing to exit the sexual market. Because it is easier. A guy can get instant (but artificial) sexual satisfaction from masturbation or porn. No Game is needed. Success is guaranteed. Price is constant. No risk. Those guys spend their time “hanging out” and “socializing” with virtual friends who have similar believes. Usually it is playing video games all the time. It would be nice if this was some distant problem that didn’t affect me, but my younger brother is starting to show sings. And he was a bigger player than I was a couple of years ago. What happened?

I feel sad and disturbed for future men who decide to remain boys. There is only one solution.

Get out of comfort zone and start behaving like men!