Parts Of The Game

When learning new things it is easier when there is a systematic division into smaller parts that are then easier to understand (we are men, after all).

This model is roughly taken from Myster’s 3M model. Many will argue that 3M is outdated (and techniques there generally are) but principles are valid and have remained the same.
I will give an overview of the model whose particular sections will be covered in-depth later (e.g. the techniques).

There are three parts (phases) of the pickup:

Goal of the attraction is to spark the interest. You have the power to spark attraction in any and every women if you know how to play your cards right. David DeAngelo says “Attraction is not a choice” and that is the truth.
During the Attraction phase there are certain “milestones” you want to achieve.
You have to open and start the conversation. You want to continue the conversation and reach the hooking point when you will be no longer considered a stranger who is invading their privacy. You will be perceived as an interesting person who they have just met. These two are achieved with openers (who can be direct or indirect) and an interesting stories or routines (for indirect).

Second part is building attraction. Direct Game uses emotional surges, ups and downs to overwhelm the girl (aka the target). You could say “shock” her and transmit the message “I have chosen you”. For these to succeed you have to have a strong, manly, alpha sexual frame. Indirect Game slowly makes the target realize how cool you are and how is she starting to feel attracted to you. In both cases you are being cocky and funny, busting your target’s balls, being interesting and (in)directly telegraphing your interest. Don’t chase, be chosen is a general rule (directly or indirectly). Turning social stereotypes around is a another good way.

When you notice your target is into you, you start with Comfort phase.

Comfort is built by intense rapport building. You want to connect with the girl. The amount of connection differs what do you want to achieve (SNL – basic comfort (e.g. “You are not a psychopath”), LTR – more comfort (e.g. she trusts you). During Comfort you two are getting to know each other. This is usually done during dating (although some basic comfort can be built at attraction, meeting location). At the beginning of Comfort, you are still being interesting using cocky & funny, ball busting and stories. But as this phase continues and you are getting into deep rapport, you tone it down (since you are dealing with more “serious”, intimate topics). During comfort you still need to be a man she was attracted to. You are not a needy guy, telling your sad life story. You are still a dominant male who knows what to do and what he wants (alpha). You just want to get to know her. Here are some tips:
• Be consistent with what you were saying during attraction (e.g. hold your frame and congruency), aka your vibe. If you were perceived as an adventurer, you have to show her that (talking, planning an adventure together or having a mini adventure at the spot).
• Have your own thing. Something that only exists between your two like nickname (strongly recommend) or future plans.
• Venue changing creates an illusion that much time has passed and thus she feels more comfortable with you.
• Talking about past also creates the same time passing illusion.
• Have her qualify to you by asking a qualification questions. Here are my favorites: “What is your most memorable experience that makes you what you are today?”, “Beauty is temporarily. If everyone here would look exactly like you, how would you differ?” or simple ones like “Do you cook?”. Basically you are making her qualify to you (since you are a cool alpha guy).
• Be somehow mysterious and little distant. Do not verbalize what are you doing and why. Only moment you can verbalize is an awkward one (as part of cocky and funny). I am very experienced in cold reading but my problem was that sometimes girls would know I was reading them and that would freak them out (and not in a good way).
• Comfort building routines like Cube, palm reading (and generally cold reading routines), Eliciting Values Routines, Kill/Fuck/Marry routine…

Depending how much rapport and comfort you have built, there will be a stronger or weaker connection. Weak or strong is not an absolute. If you are going for an SNL, you have to build an intense connection which will result in “I usually don’t do this” type rationalization (hamster ftw). But that kind of connection is weak considering longevity (aka LTR potential). Nevertheless, this connection has to lead either to intimacy or friendship zone. The difference is what message you have been sending (either sexual or friendly). Kino escalation helps sending a clear message (there will be a separate topic). Comfort building usually lasts the longest over multiple dates (for LTR kind of Game).

Intimacy is an introduction to seduction and is done at intimate (sex) location. Usually there is heavy making involved, fingering (foreplay) and sex itself. One important thing to overcome before sex is Last Minute Resistance (LMR). There are two kinds of “No” a girl can give you: a token no which is a shit test (successfully passed by continuing) and LMR (it-is-to-early) no. You are probably asking yourself, how you will know the difference. Well, experience, but until you have some, just treat it as a token no (better to apologize then to ask permission). If kind, soft “no” (usually the token one) starts to be louder, serious “no”, and then it is the LMR one. LMR is best solved like you don’t care (as most shit tests). “It is OK babe, I understand”. Kill romantic atmosphere (e.g. candles, music) and do something boring (like check your mail, cell phone, FB, continue watching a movie). She will be confused and slightly irritated why you aren’t chasing after her. If she comes back (and usually she will), continue, but make her to take off a part of clothing that triggered the LMR (bra, panties…). Escalation ramp by Vin Dicarlo is gold. After you have delt with LMR, last step is, well,…have fun. 🙂 Remember to be responsible. (there is a LMR routine that works every time, but you have to bribe me in order to tell you :p)

One important thing to remember is that there is no clear border between steps and phases. You don’t say at one point “now we start with intimacy, please stand by”. Whole experience has to be fluid. You have to have a plan. A Game plan.