Dealing With Rejection

Real life was an attention whore last couple of months. Now, everything is better and let’s continue. Today’s topic is a real life changer. How to deal with rejections. Context here is the Game and approaching but you can (as I have) apply it to your life in general.

One of the first fears you are going to deal with, besides approach anxiety (AA), is fear of rejection.
This fear manifest on two major occasions during your pickup.
First, together with AA, you rationalize that “she has a boyfriend”, ” she wouldn’t be interested in you”, ” you don’t want to bother her”… These are all manifestations of fear of rejection. And if you are rejected, you must be a failure. It is easier not to approach then get rejected. Right?


Ok, so you have managed to get past AA and you have started talking to her. Now you are trying your best to please her (e.g. “May I buy you a drink?”, “Where do you want to go?”, “I have bought you some flowers.”). Because then she is going to like you. If she doesn’t, she will reject you. And you don’t want that. Right?

Try to guess this one?

These are all bad advices and scenarios that most “no game” guys operate by. Goal is to get rid you of fear of rejection. Rejection is normal. No matter how good your game is, you are going to get rejected. And it is not your fault. You might not be something she is looking for. You might be a BMW, but she is looking for an Audi. You can’t please everyone in the world. And you don’t have to and shouldn’t. Do not let random strangers dictate who you are or be a measure of your success.

Secondly, girls are lot better at reading nonverbal and verbal signs. Men are usually…deaf. This results in a ton of rejections on her part. She wasn’t complemented on her cooking -> rejected. He didn’t turn to check her out -> rejected. “Do I look fat in this?”, need more? Women are constantly rejected and we don’t even know it. So don’t feel bad if you get rejected from time to time. It is normal. Life is not a kindergarten where everyone tries not to hurt your feelings.

The Game is ultimately a numbers game. Rejection is a normal part of the process.
In time you will not care. You will know what you are looking for. There are a plenty fish in the sea. As you get even better you will be able to screen for (cold read) your type of women and rejections will decrease even more. But for time being, practice and you will get accustom to it.